Welcome to the 2015 Great Wall Symposium

4th Symposium “to be announced'


Join us in Florence September 21-23, 2015, for the 4th Symposium “The Dynamics of Peptidoglycan Structure and Function: New Insights into the 'Great Wall'. The symposium will feature the latest advances in the field of peptidoglycan metabolism. Over the past several years, the peptidoglycan molecule has received renewed attention. With new technologies available, microbiologists are rethinking aspects of peptidoglycan structure. In addition, microbial genetics is providing new insight into how the cell orchestrates the synthesis, breakdown and recycling of the molecule. Further, new data are emerging that demonstrate a role for peptidoglycan or peptidoglycan derivatives in communication among bacterial cells of the same species, different species, and between bacterial cells and eukaryotic host organisms. And finally, peptidoglycan is being recognized as a signaling molecule not only in pathogenesis, but also in the normal, beneficial interactions that animals have with their coevolved microbial partners.

Who should attend

This symposium is aimed at researchers studying aspects of peptidoglycan metabolism including academia and industry, particularly, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. Although not particularly aimed at clinical microbiologists and physicians, these are welcomed to embark in an extraordinary voyage to the “Great Wall”.

Note that the Symposium is limited to a total of 140 participants including the speakers. Potential participants need to register online (Registration fees). The organisors will select from the registration list the participants. Priority will be given to young investigators particularly those presenting their work.

Important dates for 2015

Call for Abstracts open                                                  February 1

Registration open                                                           February 1

Registration & Abstract submission deadline                May 15

Abstract and registration notification                             July 1


NOTE (19th August 2015) : The meeting is fully booked. If you still want to register, you'll be included in the waiting list.



The organizer would like to acknowledge the support of our sponsors without whom the meeting would not be possible.

The Institut Pasteur

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