The 2nd "Great Wall Symposium" took place in Portugal in city of Cascais close to Lisbon. Find below some souvenirs of the meeting.

The organisers, David Roper, Ivo G Boneca and Jonathan Dworkin (from left to right)


The local organizing committee members, Sérgio Filipe, Adriano Henriques, Ana Madalena Ludovice (not on the photo) and Mariana Pinho and their collaborators that were essential for the success of the meeting.


The photo of the group of 120 participants that attended to the 2nd "Great Wall Symposium"

The visit to the Museum “Casa das Histórias Paula Rego” was followed by a cocktail and the Gala Diner


 Find below the program of the 2nd "Great Wall Symposium" followed by more photos of the meeting.

Day 1

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


13.00 Registration

13.45 Opening of the Symposium 

Session 1. Building the wall

14.00   Simon Foster (U Sheffield)

            Peptidoglycan architecture and dynamics

14.30   Kerwyn C. Huang (Stanford U)

            Biophysical modeling of growth and division in Gram-negative bacteria

15.00   Eefjan Breukink (Utrecht U)                  

            Transport of peptidoglycan subunits across the bacterial plasma membrane

15.30   Coffee

16.00   Michel Arthur (U Pierre et Marie Curie)

            Peptidoglycan synthesis without penicillin-binding proteins

16.30   Angelika Grundling (Imperial College)         

            Lipoteichoic acid synthesis in Gram-positive bacteria and how Staphylococcus aureus manages to survive without it

17.00   Poster Talk 1

            Athanasios Typas (EMBL)

            Using systems approaches to dissect PG synthesis and link it to other processes

17.15   Poster Talk 2

            Rut Carballido-Lopez (INRA)

            Processive Movement of MreB-Associated Cell Wall Biosynthetic Complexes

17.30   Keynote lecture by J. Ted Park       
How penicillins added to our understanding of peptidoglycan

18.30 Poster session 1

Day 2

Thursday, September 29th, 2011


Session 2. Modifying the wall

09.00   Tanneke Den Blaauwen (U Amsterdam)     

             Preparing cell division

09.30    Kevin Young (U Arkansas)       

             Low molecular weight PBPs modulate cell division and motility in E. coli

10.00    Sergio Filipe (ITQB)        

             Teichoic acids modulate the crosslinking of the peptidoglycan and hide it from the host

10.30    Luke J. Alderwick (U Birmigham)

             The mycobacterial cell wall a focus for new drug targets

11.00    Coffee

11.30    Shaynoor Dramsi (Institut Pasteur)

             Assembly and role of pili in Gram-positive bacteria

12.00    Ry Young (Texas A&M U)

             Host lysis requires disruption of the outer membrane

12.30    Poster Talk 1

             Felipe Cava (U Autónoma de Madrid)

             Distinct pathways for modification of the bacterial cell wall by NCDAAs

12.45    Poster Talk 2

             Stavroula Balomenou (U Crete & Institut Pasteur)

             Multiple functions of Polysaccharide Deacetylases from Bacillus anthracis

13.00 Lunch


Session 3. Interactions with the wall

14.00    Julien Royet (U Aix-Marseille II)

Commensal bacteria detection by Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins (PGRPs) in the Drosophila gut

14.30    Roman Dziarski (Indiana U)

Mammalian Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins kill bacteria by inducing suicide and modulate microbiome and inflammation

15.00    Poster Talk 1

             Magda Atilano (ITQB)

Wall teichoic acids at the cell surface of Staphylococcus aureus counters Drosophila innate immunity

15.15    Poster Talk 2

Joseph Dillard (U Wisconsin – Madison)

Formation of toxic peptidoglycan fragments by Neisseria gonorrhoeae

15.30    Coffee

16.00    Ivo Boneca (Institut Pasteur)

             Nod-Like Receptor-dependent impaired virulence of bacteria with reduced susceptibility to penicillin G

16.30    Jeff Weiser (U Pennsylvania)

             Things that happen to the wall within a host

17.00    Jonathan Dworkin (Columbia U)

             Identification of novel peptidoglycan receptor in mammalian cells

17.30 Poster session 1


19:00 - Cocktail at “Casa das Histórias Paula Rego”


19:30 - Visit of the Museum “Casa das Histórias Paula Rego” (45 minutes)


20:30 – Gala Diner at the restaurant “Conversas da Gandarinha”


Day 3

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Session 4. Inhibition of the wall

09.00     Stanislav Globec (U Ljubljana)

              Discovery of peptidoglycan biosynthesis unhibitors by computational methods

09.30     Boudewijn de Jonge (AstraZeneca)

              Discovery of inhibitors for MurI of Helicobacter pylori

10.00     Dominique Mengin-Lecreulx (U Paris-Sud 11)

              Colicin M: a bacteriocin targeting peptidoglycan synthesis

10.30      Roger Levesque (U Laval)

               Integrative microbiology of Mur inhibitors: from synthetic to natural antimicrobial peptides11.00     Coffee

11.30     Stephanie Brown (Harvard Medical School)

              Wall teichoic acid biosynthesis: new targets for antibiotics

12.00     Andrea Dessen (Institut Biologie Structurale)

              Interactions and targeting of the elongasome

12.30     Poster Talk 1

              Mohammed Terrak (U Liége)

              Specificity of E. coli PBP1b for the substrate and inhibition of its GT activity

12.45     Poster Talk 2

 Tania Lupoli (Harvard U)

 Transpeptidase-mediated incorporation of D-Amino Acids into peptidoglycan

13.00 Lunch


Session 5. Regulating the Wall

14.00    Lori Burrows (McMaster U)

Pre-install or retrofit? PG remodelling and envelope-spanning protein complex assembly

14.30    Michael Laik (U Greifswald)

             A metabolomics view on the cell wall physiology of Staphylococcus aureus

15.00    Anthony Clarke (U Guelph)

             Pathways for the O-acetylation of peptidoglycan

15.30    Coffee

16.00    Poster Talk 1

Lindsie Goss (Columbia U)

Threonine Phosphorylation Regulates an Essential Two-Component System

16.15    Poster Talk 2

             Richard Daniel (U. Newcastle)

             Cyclic construction and destruction of wall in B. subtilis

16.30    Waldemar Vollmer (U. Newcastle)

             Attachment of anionic cell wall polymers to peptidoglycan in Gram-positive bacteria

17.00    Adriano Henriques (ITQB)

             The multiple roles of peptidoglycan in cellular differentiation

17.30    Patrice Courvalin (Institut Pasteur)

             What does it cost to destroy the cell wall? 

18.00 Closing of the meeting and selection of the next venue


And some photos...